Curriculum Vitae

Heidrun Schulze, born in 1958, studied Social Work at the University of Bamberg and Social Therapy at the University of Kassel. She was trained in systemic intercultural counseling and therapy and in the specific approach of »Narrative Therapy« (Canada/USA). She has worked as therapist at an intercultural unit for the treatment of migrants with psychosomatic and mental illnesses for 12 years. 

Her PhD thesis, a research work based on an analysis of phenomena of disease in a migration context, was a biographical study of Turkish migrants as inpatients and outpatients. The research project spans the tightrope between medical diagnostics in the interface of sociological / psychological case studies in conjunction with the question of their practical value in professional settings. 

She has lectured on "The Specifics of Case Analysis in the Interface of Social Sciences and Human Sciences" at the University of Kassel for 8 years. 

She was also engaged as psychotherapist at the psychosocial counseling unit of the University of Kassel, where she worked with and published on the biographical-narrative approach in counseling and therapy.

Since 2007, she has lectured at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Department of Applied Social Studies.

She is International Program Coordinator of the Applied Social Studies Departments at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences.

Main Research Fields

  • Methodology and Methods of Qualitative Research   
  • New Childhood Research, Contextual Children Research / Children's Rights   
  • Biography Research, Biographical Case Studies   
  • Reconstructive Methods in Social Work   
  • Migration Racism and Illness   
  • Biographical Diagnostics   
  • Psychosocial Traumatology   
  • Professionalism   
  • Narrative Practice

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