Whole School Approach - Holistic approach to schools. 
Anchoring the human right to a life free of violence, especially for children and women. A project within the framework of the global Sustainable Development Goals.
Riederbergschule Wiesbaden.

Introduction Social scientific understanding of biography. 
Introduction theory and research approaches biographical research
Lecture and workshop in the context of the advanced training course "CAS Life Narratives & Life Stories" at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland

• Quality of „Alltäglichkeit“ (every day life) - Potential of Everyday Narratives
• Language – Talking is action
• Narrating in Social Relations

Lectures in the context of the advanced training "CAS Life Narratives & Life Stories" at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

27.7. 2023 
Presentation (together with Nadine Fiebig) 
Prevention work against gender-specific violence in the municipality of Wiesbaden by the Society for Children's and Women's Rights 
(Gesellschaft für Kinder- und Frauenrechte /GKFG). Implementation of an internationally proven primary prevention project with children and young people in Wiesbaden. Wiesbaden City Hall.

Reconstruction - Co-Construction and New-Construction in narrative performative Space.
Keynote at the 17th nationwide methods workshop of the Network Reconstructive Social Work at RheinMain University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden. 14.09. -16.09.2023. Organizer: Network for Reconstructive Social Work / German Society for Social Work (DGSA).

8.11. 2023
Girls and Boys as Agents of positive Change. 
MamMut – Strong Together against violence - a political transfer project: Young people as main actors in realizing change for a future without violence.
Public university event: Violence-free from beginning! HSRM Wiesbaden.   Action