Child Perspectives

Violence and prevention: Perspectives of children and how they perceive the assistance and help offered in pedagogic arrangements

Project Modality: Teaching-research project

Run Time: 2013-2014

Brief Description: The Perspectives of Children concept tries to define the relationships between a child as the acting subject (including infantile activities and processes used by children to create meanings) and its surrounding and underlying societal conditions. Here, subjectivity is seen as a process of concrete acts, as a way to cope with and manage the social environment. In general, this approach assumes that subjectivity is created whenever individuals are participating in societal processes. Consequently, we have to analyze how children, traumatized by and/or burdened with violent experiences, are trying to manage their everyday life using individual actions within collective situations. Also, it is important to analyze how the views and interpretations of children are incorporated by and within responsible organisations. This teaching-research project views the child as an active individual, as a subject that experiences the world and acts within it - thus co-creating it. By analyzing relevant situations and circumstances the project aims at finding and evaluating children's and juveniles' personal ambitions/intentions by use of which they attempt to overcome their traumatizing experiences.