Violence in the relations of gender and generations

Violence in the relations of gender and generations in close social relationships – reconstruction of the concerned persons' experience and reconstruction of professional partakers' logic of action

Project Modality: Teaching-research project

Run Time: Winter term 2010 - summer term 2011

Brief Description: The following central questions have been examined: (1) How do the persons affected by violence experience the cooperation praxis established by institution appointments, professional interpretations and actions, offers made and boundaries drawn? (2) How do subjective perception and world of experience that have been coined by experiences of difference (gender, life story, milieu, structural framing) relate to each other? (3) Which logics of action on the part of professionals involved in the cooperation affect the cooperation process in which way?

Research-methodological design and research process: The reconstruction of different perspectives is accomplished within the intersubjective and interactive paradigm of qualitative research. The »expert interview«, the »biographical-narrative interview« as well as the »episodic interview« have been applied as methodological approaches. Particularly in interviews with children and adolescents, additional pictorial-symbolical methods from children's and adolescents' therapy as well as family therapy have sensitively been used. Interviewees were qualified employees in the working field of domestic violence and family violence against children, young women in shelters, children and adolescents in women's refuges.