Child Protection

Development of concepts for the protection of children in violent family milieus

Project Modality:
 Teaching-research project

Run Time: Winter term 2010 - summer term 2011

Brief Description: This teaching/research project is based on the question how boys and girls that grow up in a family milieu with different forms of violence may be supported and strengthened by professional authorities and successful encounters. The research aim is to gain access to the respective subjective perspectives of the boys and girls opposed to theoretical statements (by professionals) or to the product of a question-answer-situation (children and adolescents) that did not center on the relevance and subjective experiences of children and adolescents in interviews or personal encounters. With the help of an adequately and sensitively shaped interview situation a comprehending access to the current needs of the boys and girls shall be established and reconstructed by means of methods of qualitative social research such as microscopic speech analysis. The evaluation of interviews is shaped by the question: How does counseling and prevention work that is focused on children and adolescents need to be constituted? A second aim of the project is to develop a »cooperative supportive model for children and adolescents in violent milieus« as »final product« that is based on the knowledge gained by the interviews and international research. This model will then allow for children and adolescents to be regarded as individual subjects who are involved in participation.

Research methodological design: (1) Qualitative open and guided expert interviews with professionals; evaluation: content analysis, hermeneutic speech analysis (Deppermann, Oevermann, Rosenthal, Schütze). (2) Episodic interviews with children by means of pictorial-symbolic forms of access. (3) Interviews centered on certain topics with adolescents. 

Research/Sabbatical semester in the summer term of 2011: Research in the field of counseling concepts, research in the field of counseling praxis regarding the aspects trauma, social inequality, interculturality and intersectionality in cooperation with representatives from the praxis. Development of an advanced training for »New Counseling Concepts in Social Work« for psycho-social fields of action.