Trauma and professionalism

Trauma and professionalism in social work

Project Modality:
 Teaching-research project

Run Time: 2007-2009

Brief Description: The aim is the reconstruction of patterns of professional acting in Social Work with traumatized persons in regard to a further development of current trauma theories by systematically incorporating social, cultural and political contexts. These serious deficiencies in education and research that have existed until now shall be addressed with this project in order to promote an increase of professionalism of Social Work in this field. The dedicated aim of this project is to further promote the clinical competence in Social Work in order to establish a disciplinary and professional status in health care.

Research-methodological design and research process: Conduction of narrative-oriented expert interviews (social workers who work with traumatized adults and children), complete transcription of interviews, comparison and hermeneutic-reconstructive analysis of interviews. This is a research project to improve professional knowledge and skills.

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